What chicken
On a neverending vigil for "cheep" jokes
Tag None
Gender Unknown
Species/Breed Chicken
Owner(s) Unknown
Friends & Family Unknown
Affiliation N/A
Anyone who makes a chicken joke
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

"What Chicken" is the tag given to a chicken that appears whenever a character makes, or is making, a common joke that involves a chicken reference. Little is known about exactly who the chicken is, or who it belongs to. It is generally treated as a running gag.

Appearances Edit

Its first appearance was made in the arc Scaredy Cats, strip "Where Did He Come From" It took offense to Maxwell calling Marvin Arbelt a chicken for balking at his Halloween challenge. Max responded by telling the chicken, "Don't start".

Its second appearance was made in the arc The Great Water Balloon War, strip "Guess What". It gave Zach Arbelt a glare after he commented on the cats not being chicken. What chicken appeared to be fighting on the cats' side. Zach said "no offense".

Its third appearance was made in the arc Let's Imaginate And Then There Were None!, strip "Hanging Out". It peeked into the Sandwich household through a window when Tarot, who was playing Justice Wargrave, commented on people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Tarot said, "It's just an expression!"

During the arc The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Dog, a mod at the forum joked that What chicken was in one of the boxes in the closet that Fido Byron and Sabrina D'Angelo are making out in during The Wolves Pack's Christmas Party in the strip "I've Got To Go Away". Rick Griffin joked that that might be the case. Given that What Chicken has appeared since, it is not canon.

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