The Vet
Peanut and Grape are tricked into going to the vet.
Comic: "And Statistics" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 9
Dates Published Janurary 19th - Feburary 6th 2009
Featured Character(s)
Grape, Peanut
Following Arc
A Mouse Named Spo

The Vet is the 14th arc in Housepets!.



Strapped in the car, Peanut and Grape are both excited. Peanut was told that they are going to the pool and Grape was told they are going to Mall. Both realize they've been tricked as the car pulls up to their true destination, the "Animal Clinic". 

Earl checks them in for shots and an annual check-up. Grape is pulling on her leash, trying to get away, while Peanut just sits by the desk, annoyed. Grape hadn't been to the Vet since she was adopted from the shelter, so Earl checks her in under her shelter name: Princess Periwinkle. Grape is embarrassed, while Peanut tries not to burst out laughing.

Grape goes in for her check-up first. She remembers being scared of the vet when she was a kitten and hisses frequently at the male Vet. When she balks at getting her temperature taken (not orally), he jumps to the shots. He pulls out a giant syringe that makes Grape faint. He quips to himself that the giant fake syringe makes a great anesthetic.

Grape comes out and says she feels like she died on the inside, especially in her butt. This scares Peanut, but he is checked by a different female Vet. Grape cries to her father about how worried she is for Peanut, while Earl assures her she'll be asleep by the time they get home. Peanut takes his actual exam and shots a lot better (especially due to the female nurse.) He emerges happy, with a lollipop in his mouth.

Annoyed that he appeared to have a much better time than her, Grape slaps Peanut. She gets angry that she suffered in there, including worrying for him, while he ended up doing well in there. Despite saying she wouldn't forgive him easily for that, however, an hour later they fall asleep in the living room snuggled up together.


  • This arc reveals Grape's old name, Princess Periwinkle.
    • It is also stated the Grape used to live in an Animal Shelter.


  • "Kitten Grape" would later return in Housepets Babies!.
  • Rick Griffin refers to the monstrous version of the vet shown in Grape's flashback as an "Eldrict Abomination".

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