The Retroactively Continuous Adventures of Spot
Architect Of Sleep
Everything I have ever known has all been one big fat lie!
Comic: "Architect Of Sleep" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 3
Dates Published August 27th - August 31st 2012
Featured Character(s)
Spot (Superdog), The Cyborg, Peanut, Grape
Previous Arc
PsyCon2: PsyConner
Following Arc
Temple Crashers

The Retroactively Continuous Adventures of Spot is the 62nd arc in Housepets!.

This arc marked the end of a series of short weekly arcs, that had started with Testing Grounds.



Grape comes by while Peanut is drawing another one of his Spot (Superdog) comics, asking him what happened to the story with the Cyborg. Peanut replies that he made a bunch of kids fat, but Grape asks about the one where he was introduced, as Peanut left Spot and Stripe tied up and didn't finish it. Peanut looks though his box of old comics and realizes Grape is right.

Peanut draws up a new comic: The Special Retcon Edition. Spot declares that he has lost his memory, and the only clue he has is a photograph of him beating up the Cyborg. He finds an address on the back and flies to the location. Spot enters the building and finds the Cyborg, who is waiting for him. He makes a shocking revelation: everything Spot has done since his first encounter with the Cyborg has been a lie, and that he's really been under a virtual reality helmet this whole time! Peanut shows this to Grape, who gives him a look of confusion and disgust. 

Peanut argues that it could make an awesome gritty reboot, Grape retorts he could've done that without invalidating the current universe. Peanut quickly draws a new page. While Spot was dreaming, the Orphan-Stars had aligned and were hit by a dose of radiation, creating the Star Dream Clones of Spot and Stripe! And mind-linking together with the real Spot, all of their adventures really did happen, whereupon Star Dream Clone Spot arrives and beats up the Cyborg, releasing the real Spot and Stripe before vanishing.

Reading the comic, Grape tells Peanut he could've ignored the original story outright. Peanut says he can't since he already used the "history-erasing" plot. 


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  • This arc was originally going to be called "The Revealer of Paths" as shown in it's archive address.
    • Interestingly, this suggests that the arc wasn't originally suppose to be a Spot story arc, as it's title does not resemble that of other Spot story arcs, but rather resembles that of "The Opener of Ways" suggesting this was an entirely different arc originally.
  • The comic Grape refers to is from The Uncanny Adventures of Spot, which Peanut had left unfinished.
  • A retcon or retroactive continuity, is the alteration of previously established facts in the continuity of a fictional work.

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