The Pridelands Cycle is a fictional book series in Housepets! written by Res Auburn and credited under his owner Ms. Auburn. It is a series chronicling the wars in ancient Africa of animal tribes. It is particularly popular with cats, such as Grape and Max, (as well as certain dogs.) There are currently 6 books; the first four being: Hunters of the Pridelands, Glories of the Pridelands, Fall of the Pridelands and Hope of the Pridelands, and a seventh book, The End of the Pridelands currently being written. There also have been at least two movies as well.  


A list of characters that appear in the Pridelands books.


Presumably a king or prince of some sort. He is one of Grape's favorite characters(as it's shown that she fantasizes about him).


A character of unknown importance. Presumably Max's favorite character.

King CheetahEdit

Exactly what it says on the tin. King Cheetah has some sort of "Fear Mask".

Lord ParnokEdit

A lion of high authority. He is the leader of one of the last honorable factions of the Pridelands. He seemingly has knowledge about prophecies. He was played by Max during Imaginate, Too!.

Queen ParlierEdit

A character mentioned by Max. No more is known.

Princess IllayaEdit

The princess of one of the Final Pride. Grape played her during Imaginate, Too!.


A blue bird that serves as a sort of messenger for the Final Pride.


A hyena who betrayed the Laughing Face, and then the Final Pride which lead to his death.


  • The book series' name is a reference to "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King, a Disney film that is an inspiration for a lot of the book series.

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