The Present
The Present
There is, indeed, more to Sasha than meets the eye.
Comic: "They Always Know" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 6
Dates Published May 10th - May 21st 2010
Featured Character(s)
Bino, Sasha
Previous Arc
Imaginate, Too!

The Present is the 30th arc in Housepets!.

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One day, Fox asks Bino what he got Sasha for Valentine's Day. He hadn't thought of it, since he feels he doesn't need to constantly shower his girlfriend with gifts. Just then, Sasha glomps Fox, who got her white chocolate for Valentine's Day. As Bino glares at his friend, Fox notes it takes her months to sort through all the gifts she gets from the neighborhood's dogs.

Bino heads home, and looks through some of the stuff he and Maxwell have at their place. Just in case, he'll use the excuse of recovering from his injuries at the Milton mansion tour as an excuse for why he is late.

He sneaks into her house to plant his presents, and she catches him. She accepts the gifts, which were mostly regifts, some of which were even things she gave him for birthday presents when they were younger pups. Her favorite is a toy piano, and while hugging Bino, she says the piano is almost as awesome as the present King got for her.

Sasha takes Bino to a dog house, which was King's present to her. He fixed it up, and lined it with insulation and blankets so she doesn't have to be cold if she's locked out again. Bino bristles at this, wondering if Sasha's trying to say he's not good enough for her. She responds by saying she was going to furnish it with Bino's gifts, and invite him in for cuddles.

While in the doghouse, Sasha plays on the toy piano, and makes a rather beautiful melody all in her mind. Bino asks what it's called. Sasha replies it's a "Sonata for my boyfriend who, if he ever regifts me again, will wake up with his ears stapled to his eyeballs", in D minor, completely shocking Bino.


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