The Plot Against Spot
The Badguys Of Spot
Of course we need to use the Y, 'BADGUS' doesn't sound evil enough.
Comic: "The Badguys Of Spot" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 3
Dates Published June 8th - June 12th 2015
Featured Character(s)
Nefarious Villains
Previous Arc
All's Fair, Part 1
Following Arc
All's Fair, Part 2

The Plot Against Spot is the 91st arc in Housepets!.



In the swamps of the Sahara, the original "nefarious villain" has come up with a plan to capture Spot. He has gathered all of the other villains to form B.A.D.G.U.Y.S; Bad Attitude Dudes Ganging Up for Yevenge against Spot (Superdog). The Cyborg states that "Revenge" isn't spelled with a 'Y,' but the nefarious villain replies that the letter is hard to work with, and that if you squint it kind of looks like an 'R'. When the Cyborg tries to argue, the villain snaps that the acronym isn't important.

The nefarious villain announces that with everyone's combined powers, they cannot possibly fail. He then starts a roll call, starting with the Cyborg, then the other "nefarious villains" before realizing they are all called that. Then he calls on Professor Killjoy, and then a samurai cat. Finally he gets to someone who looks familiar but doesn't have a name. It's the owner of the house they are in, and tells them to get out.

At the bar, the villains discuss what to do. The first nefarious villain suggests they all hide in an alley and jump him, but everyone argues against it. Another one suggests an orbital satellite that can plummet the world into a new ice age, but the Warmongrel says he's tried it already. The others list off other suggestions, but all of them get turned down. Eventually we see Spot, who finds out his credit card was stolen.


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  • The entire arc was drawn digitally in a special live-streaming event.
  • This is the only Spot comic where Spot only appears in one panel.

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