The Mall
Comedy Tonight
The gang catches the premiere of 'Pridelands 2'.
Comic: "Comedy Tonight" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 6
Dates Published April 23rd - May 4th 2012
Featured Character(s)
Peanut, Grape
Previous Arc
What Money Buys

The Mall is the 53rd arc in Housepets!.



Mrs. Sandwich asks Peanut and Grape if they want to go to the mall. Peanut agrees only if Grape agrees to go. Grape asks what the point of going to the mall is; it's clothes they don't wear, toys they can't have, and food they can't eat. Peanut actually wants to wait for the midnight premiere of Pridelands 2. Mrs. Sandwich drops both of them off at the mall wearing their leashes, coming back to pick them up in seven hours. Grape wonders why she didn't drive over with Max.

Inside a toy store, Peanut plays with all the 'Try Me' buttons until he is asked to leave. The two then play Hide and Seek in a clothing shop, Peanut tricking Grape with a pair of paw shaped boots. As the day goes on, Grape questions the ethics of the mall, wondering why humans need 'excessive' artificial comfort in the form of clothing stores, until Peanut offers to get dinner. Grape comments on how disgusting the consumerism is (and how the chicken is awesome.)

Between nine and eleven, all of the stores close, and everyone gathers in the theater lobby, but Peanut turns on the power switches so he can run up the down escalator with Grape. At the premiere of the movie, Grape and Peanut snuggle together, a jealous Max watches them, Joey and Squeak are together, and Mr. Bigglesworth is shedding. Two humans are in attendance, one of them berates his friend for choosing the film, while the other suffers allergies from Mr. Bigglesworth's cat hair, noting that cat groupies are funnier when they're captioned photos on the internet.

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