The Interview
One Day At The Office
Domo arigato Sandwich-Hancho!
Comic: "One Day At The Office" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 4
Dates Published September 14th - September 21st 2011
Featured Character(s)
Itsuki, Mr. Sandwich

The Interview is the 45th arc in Housepets!.

This arc marked the introduction of Itsuki Kitamura into the cast.



Earl Sandwich is looking through applications for a part-time job at his auto-repair shop. He asks to see Mr. Kitamura, as his CV looks promising, though his co-worker, Frank, mentions that not only is he a student on visa, but he's unusually foreign. Earl tells him they don't discriminate and tells him to send him in. Itsuki Kitamura is revealed to be a Tanuki wearing a traditional mawashi and bearing an overtly Japanese accent. Earl mentions to himself he needs to expand the score of "be prepared for anything" motivational speeches.

During the interview, Itsuki reveals that most people don't know Tanuki are Japanese and that he has to get his foot in the door before they make any decisions. When Earl asks what he's doing in the states, Itsuki says his family wants to start an automobile business. But since the exams for Japanese universities are brutal, he'd thought he'd have better luck here (though he receives a fair share of discrimination for being Asian.)

Earl tests Itsuki by asking him to do an oil change and a tire rotation. Itsuki manages to do this (albeit chaotically), and ends up covered in oil. Earl commends him on his speed, but mentions his technique could use a lighter touch.

Earl hires the Tanuki, telling him while he will need a uniform, he can keep the Japanese gratitudes. Itsuki is so grateful he invites Earl and his family over to his apartment for dinner. However, it turns out all he can afford is one bowl of rice, one bowl of noodles, and a fish. Earl asks Itsuki if this is a subtle way of telling him that he needs the money.


  • Itsuki is introduced and is hired at Earl Sandwich's auto-repair shop part-time.


  • Itsuki is a Tanuki, which is Japanese for "raccoon-dog." He is the first Japanese character to appear in the comic. (Except for Joey and his friends, who are merely anime fans)

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