The Bigglesworths
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Tag Big silver B-insignia
Gender Males & Females
Species/Breed Cat/Siamese
Owner(s) Unnamed
Friends & Family Max
Affiliation N/a
Squeak, Spo
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens
The Bigglesworths is the collective name of a group minor characters from Housepets!  All of them are Siamese cats. They first appeared in Housepets Now With More Cats.

Official Site BiographyEdit

There are at least ten cats with the name Mr. Bigglesworth, and they’re all Siamese or Siamese mixes, most are not blood-related, and some of them are even female. They chalk it up to their owner being a crazy cat lady. A few of them have fun with it in order to mess with the heads of animals who aren’t aware there’s more than one.

General InformationEdit

The Bigglesworths are a group of Siamese cats that share the same owner, who named every one of them "Mr. Bigglesworth", including the females. There are at least eleven of them (the most show at the same time so far). Because they all share the same name and look very much alike, it's hard to tell them apart, their owner or themselves otherwise. In fact, it's so hard to do so that they had problems telling who is male or female. Still, there is one who easier to mark out because he wears eyeglasses.

They are mostly not blood-related, so they try to date between them. Like other cats, they all like the Pridelands Book Series but they can only own one of each book, so that causes some inconveniences.

They appear in various strips, as major characters in a few, but mostly as minor or supporting characters. Currently, the last appearance of any of the Bigglesworth band come in All's Fair, part one (2015). Two of the cats are seen snuggling together as part of a group of pets, watching a nighttime fireworks show.


They are good friends with Max, being part of some plans of his and hanging out with him. If he is a friend of all or just some of them has not been mentioned.

Squeak & Spo
At least one of The Bigglesworths had chased both mice with intentions of eating them.


  • Their name is a reference to the cat owned by Dr. Evil from the "Austin Powers" franchises.

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