The Arc Specifically About Being Naked
The Arc Specifically About Being Naked
Bino is always being thwarted by something.
Comic: "Raiders Of The Lost Arc" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 7
Dates Published March 21st - April 18th 2011
Featured Character(s)
Bino, Rex

One-offs in Between

Guest Strips:
"Housepets Will Be Right Back" by Kurui
"Peanut Has Been Bad" by Kyderra
"Another Guest Comic" by Andrew Garrison
"Guest Comic by Tom"

Following Arc
Not All Dogs

The Arc Specifically About Being Naked is the 41st arc in Housepets!.

An arc plagued by computer issues, Rick's computer crashed after the first page, thwarting the original story. After two weeks of guest comics, the arc returned with a much different direction.

Characters Edit

Plot Edit

Rex looks around the forest for Bino, only to find him cowering in bushes because his collar got snagged on a branch and snapped off. Rex reminds him that they're always naked, but Bino calls being without his collar "advanced nakedness".

Eventually we see Bino with his collar back on, and glad to finally have a story arc of his own. However, Rex tells him nobody saw it due to computer issues. Bino grabs him, and tells him that they are going to re-enact what Bino went through, since it was consolation for "delicious fame," and calling it a "magic(k)al adventure of whimsy".

It is suggested that the ensuing story is heavily embellished. Bino claims he lost his collar after fighting off a grizzly bear with a sword. He tries to keep Rex on-script while the story is recorded. They make it look like night on the camera, and he tries to dramtically re-enact his journey home. He also uses a handheld censor bar to cover his neck, even though he's wearing his collar now. But as Rex keeps straying off-script, Bino grabs for his camcorder, deciding to do it Blair Witch-style. In the struggle, Bino falls off a cliff into a river, the first scene Rex remembers from the actual adventure.

He tries to get the members of the Good Ol' Dogs Club to act awestruck by his exposed neck on camera, but Fox, who has seen Bino naked, suggests Bino isn't that great in the neck department. Bino flippantly retorts that his neck is "comparable to the national average". At that moment, Peanut arrives without his collar on, further humiliating Bino.

In the end, Bino is even more humiliated than the original experience, but claims he still wins. Rock comes in from behind the camera and says he'll make sure his production department doesn't lose the tape this time as the credits roll.


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  • During production of the arc, Rick Griffin's computer crashed. He ended up out of commission for two weeks, thwarting the comic's original story. Between the first two strips of the arc, a total of four guest strips were re-run to provide content during the down time.
  • Bino references The Blair Witch Project, a 1999 "found footage" horror film.
  • This is one of the few times where the comic breaks the fourth wall, with Rex acknowledging that nobody saw Bino's adventure due to computer trouble.

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