Testing Grounds
Genuflecting Pool
Nothing is worse than wasting a perfectly good apology.
Comic: "Genuflecting Pool" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 3
Dates Published July 23rd - July 27th 2012
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Taking Cover

Testing Grounds is the 57th arc in Housepets!.

This arc marks the beginning of a series of several weekly arcs (or "vignettes" as Rick calls them) consisting of only 3 comics, ending with The Retroactively Continuous Adventures of Spot.



Itsuki is seen in Mr. Sandwich's office at the auto-repair shop, apologizing and requesting time off for summer exams. Mr. Sandwich agrees to, as he's seen Itsuki studying during his breaks. Itsuki tries to apologize again for taking up company time, but Mr. Sandwich says that school is good as long as his work gets done. The annoyed tanuki asks if he can finish, because he doesn't want to waste a good apology. Mr. Sandwich replies that his groveling is cute.

On the day of the exam, just as the test starts, Itsuki's phone goes off, and his continuous attempts to shut it off result in the phone making more disruptive sounds with each press. After the test, Itsuki goes and apologizes to his professor, begging him not to fail him, but his professor is quick to let him off the hook, though reminds him that sleep is more important than last-minute study. Itsuki gets a 67 on the test, which is much lower than usual for him, and frets over the shame of lowering his student visa and telling his father. His professor tells him he still has a 'A' average, and his GPA hasn't been affected. Itsuki is frustrated that no-one allocates shame in this country.


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