Taking Cover
That's Entertainment
The tragic life of a singer with a squeaky voice.
Comic: "That's Entertainment" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 3
Dates Published July 30th - August 3rd 2012
Featured Character(s)
Alan, Rock
Previous Arc
Testing Grounds
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Taking Cover is the 58th arc in Housepets!.


  • Alan and the Ground Squirrels
    • Alan (parody of Alvin)
    • Simeon (parody of Simon)
    • Teddy D. (parody of Theodore)
  • Rock Milton
  • Duke Milton
  • Producer
  • TV Host


Popular children's entertainment band Alan and the Ground Squirrels are offering a proposal to Rock in order to 'upgrade' their image. Rock tells them straight: nobody but small children (and Duke) like their act, and they're only seen as family entertainment. Alan proposes that they need an original single, not wanting his legacy to be restricted to a 'novelty cover band.' Rock tells Alan to give him anything to prove that he takes his music seriously.

Alan is then seen with a recording producer, creating his first single. Rock notes that he can't pull off a ballad with his voice, and that the only wonder he can invoke his how a little body can have such strong pipes. The producer asks if its a no-go, but Rock replies that at least the Glee version will be superior, and that it'll earn them double platinum.

Later on Entertainment Tonight, Alan is being interviewed for his new number-one single "Beyond the Stars," which is shattering all his previous sales records. During the interview, Alan curses out everyone for laughing at him when he's pouring his soul onto the stage. The host then starts laughing at his squeaky voice.


  • N/a


  • "Alan and the Ground Squirrels" is an obvious parody of "Alvin and the Chipmunks"
  • Alan swearing marks the fourth time a character has been censored in the comic, however this is the first time someone other than King has swore.

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