How can you be right if you're not condescending?
Tag None
Gender Male
Species/Breed Mouse
Owner(s) None
Friends & Family Fido, Squeak
Affiliation Sabrina
Ralph, Kevin
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Spo is a minor character in Housepets!. He was introduced in OHH DISS.

Official Site BiographyEdit

A loudmouth who was the runt of his litter, Spo is a mouse with spunk. He wedged his way into Fido’s life by strongarming his way into his heart.

General InformationEdit

Spo was initially introduced to Fido by Sabrina, who's owner had asked her to dispose of him, but Sabrina's desire to help living beings made her unable to. Fido took him in (albeit discreetly) and he's been living with him ever since. He claims to be the runt of his litter, a litter so massive his younger brother is named 'Spp.' As such, he is shorter than most other mice. He usually is seen riding on top of Fido's head, and often accompanies Fido when he's on duty as a police officer, often annoying Ralph and Kevin.


Spo has a very snarky personality, as well as being a loudmouth with a sharp tongue, he usually makes no-nonsense quips at inappropriate times. Though Spo makes off-color remarks and seems to be deliberately trying not to make friends, the opposite is true: he desperately wants a friend but lacks appropriate social skills. While he is intelligent, he is also known to be over-analytical at times, and often rants to Fido in a condescending manner about the nature of things such as cartoons, doctoral thesis, and radio shows.



Fido is Spo's only real friend. He often rides on his head and accompanies him when he's on duty as a police officer. Even though Spo annoys him, Fido cares for the little guy, and isn't afraid to turn to him for advice.


Spo initially tried to hit on Squeak, but she retorted that she already had a boyfriend. While he was confused as to why she was dating a dog, she managed to both impress and appall him by demonstrating her interests, getting herself stomped on by Mr. Bigglesworth. While he thinks she's cute, he also forgets he finds her weird.


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