Sergeant Ralph
Tag Police Whistle
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/German Shepard
Owner(s) N/A (Police officer presumably)
Friends & Family Kevin, Fido, Fox, Mungo
Affiliation K-9 Unit,
Bill Lindberg
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens
Sergeant Ralph is the commanding officer of the K-9 Unit and a friend of Fido's.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Fido’s supervising officer, a German Shepherd.  He’s a very well trained police dog, and is pretty humorless like a good officer should be.

General InformationEdit

Ralph, also known as 'Sergeant Ralph,' is a German Shepard and is the commanding officer of his Unit. He takes his job very seriously, but isn't afraid to have fun every now and again as shown in The Great Water Balloon War.

He is shown to be very perceptive, as he was shown initially suspicious of Fido's odd behavior due to Fido having a secret relationship with a cat, believing he was actually involved in some shady business. Although a very by-the-book commander who regularly disciplined his officers with extra duties, mandatory desk chores, remedial training, and stern lessons, he also cares for them as team mates and as individuals. When Fido finally confesses his love for the cat, Sabrina, expecting some reprisal, Sergeant Ralph replies that his love life is his business and appreciates Fido's finally revealing the cause of his puzzling actions. However, despite Fido's candor, Ralph also hits him with an administrative punishment for disrupting Prince Jata's attempt to force Sabrina to marry him. 


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  • Rick originally thought about giving Ralph a German accent, as a reference to his breed. He decided against it, and instead Ralph is portrayed as a good "All-American Cop".

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