Roadtrip Woo
No Excuses
Who is Uncle Reuben? And why are Peanut and Grape dancing?
Comic: "No Excuses" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 7
Dates Published June 8th - June 22nd 2009
Featured Character(s)
Peanut, Grape
Previous Arc
A Sinister Shadow
Following Arc
Down At The Farm

Roadtrip Woo is the 20th arc in Housepets!.

Characters Edit

Plot Edit

Peanut and Grape are seen dancing because they are going to see "Uncle Reuben", obviously Earl's brother. Neither of them knows who he is, however. Peanut is shown packing a couple crates with various things to keep himself occupied during the trip to Uncle Reuben's farm, including several Isaac Asimov books, some Nintendo DS games, and his sketchbook so he can continue drawing Spot (Superdog) comics. However, four hours in, he ends up falling asleep.

At a gas station, Earl brings Peanut and Grape in to get some snacks. The attendant tells Earl that pets cannot enter without leashes. Earl lets his sense of humor get the best of him, and takes their collars off. While Peanut is perfectly comfortable "naked", Grape feels awkward without her collar and seeks Jill's comfort afterward. Grape says she didn't want to feel abandoned again like before she was adopted by the Sandwiches.

During the car ride, Peanut opens a Dungeons & Dragons book and ponders making a new character. Grape says he never plays, but Peanut reminds her of one time when he played with Joey. It briefly shows a scene of Joey GM'ing a game. Grape isn't terribly interested in any details.

Later in the car ride, Grape starts writing some saucy fan fiction about Pridelands, having created an OC named "Gapre". Peanut briefly snoops on her writing, flustering her.

Events Edit

  • The first mention of Uncle Reuben, Earl's brother.
  • Grape reveals she was abandoned by her old family and left in a shelter.


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