Ocean's Two
Oceans Two
One does not simply misplace $20 billion.
Comic: "A Man Of Secrets A Ferret Of None" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 15
Dates Published January 11th - February 15th 2010
Featured Character(s)
The Milton Ferrets, Thomas

One-offs in Between

"The Intermission of Spot"
"Quick Valentine's Bonus"

Following Arc
Imaginate, Too!

Ocean's Two is the 28th arc in Housepets!.

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Thomas and Celia, Henry Milton's nephew and niece, cross paths at a bar, having both already squandered their inheritances on bad investments. Thomas has become enraged at the Milton ferrets, who appear to be increasing their wealth through dumb luck despite their excesses.

Celia explores suing for a larger portion of the estate, but an attorney reveals the true extent of the Milton estate. It turns out that the ferrets only got 40 percent of the estate, as Milton arranged it to fall to many people to avoid such lawsuits. There's one problem: that only accounts for $50 billion dollars. By Thomas' calculation, there is $20 billion missing from the Milton estate.

Meanwhile, Simon discovers a treasure map created by Henry Milton. Although it says specifically not to put it on public display, he talks about it on TV shows anyway. He does not reveal where it leads, though. Thomas decides to break into the Milton mansion to get his hands on the treasure map, certain it would lead to the remnant of the Milton estate.

Thomas decides to case the mansion by disguising as a pneumatic tube installer, something that tickles Pit's fantasy. After discussing an installation, Pit actually buys the fake pneumatic tube company from Thomas. He decides to commit the break-in that night, and use the money from the sale for any necessary traveling the map requires.

While Thomas was able to get his hands on the map, he is thwarted when he finds that the wolves of Miles' pack are now guarding the mansion. He asks Celia to guide him to an alternate escape route. She instead gets him trapped in a closet, and demands a higher share of the fortune when he finds it. He cuts her off, and in his search for a way out, falls through a ceiling.

After being briefly stuck, he falls into the kitchen, where he is caught by a sleepwalking Lana. He makes a run for it, but is caught by Miles.

He calls Celia, and tells her she screwed up double-crossing him. He had apparently taken a photo of the map on his cell phone and e-mailed it to himself. When he is released on bail, he goes to print it out, but the print looks like carbon paper, and the photo is ruined.


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