What do you MEAN eating the meat with the blood isn't kosher?
Tag Golden Coin (not always worn)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Wolf/Gray Wolf
Owner(s) The Milton Ferrets (technically due to loophole)
Friends & Family His Family, King, Peanut, Bill
Affiliation Equal Chance Program
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Miles is a character in Housepets!. He is the alpha male of The Wolves Pack and Lucretia's mate. He is a wolf who joined human society due to his mate being unsatisfied with life in the wild. He's enrolled in the Equal Chance Program and works as security at The Milton's mansion.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Keene had the bright idea to sponsor wild animals to join the Babylon Gardens community as “people”, for a given loophole in the definition of people. Miles is far above average in education for a wild animal, making him a perfect guinea pig, even though he’s a wolf. Though he’s not quite used to acting like a person yet. He and his brother are employed to the Milton ferrets.

General InformationEdit

Miles is the Alpha wolf of the pack. Miles is an intellectual and calm wolf who enjoys to read books. He is shown to wear glasses at times. He's friendly to everyone and is shown to take care and worry for everyone in the pack including King; treating him like a son.


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