The K-9 Unit (also known as Fido's Police Buddies), are a group of dogs that work for the local authorities, though the term usually refers to the team of Fido, Ralph, Kevin, Terrance newcomer Fox, and Mungo.

While supporting characters, they have been given their own arcs from time to time, such as The Case of the Aztec Gold, Getting Physical and Real Stories of the K9PD.


After graduating from the Police Academy, officers are placed in the K-9 Unit. All members of the unit wear special blue vests with 'K-9 Unit' etched on them, along with special collars that can be used as a walkie-talkie while on duty. According to Fido; K-9 Unit members are trained to sniff out drugs, track people and attack suspects when ordered. Under the ruling of Terryson v. Florida, police dogs are permitted to arrest human suspects and read them their rights, within the extent of the law.


Sergeant RalphEdit

Ralph, also known as 'Sergeant Ralph,' is a German Shepard and is Fido and Kevin's commanding officer. He’s a very well trained police dog, and is humorless like a good commanding officer should be. He takes his job very seriously, but isn't afraid to have fun every now and again. He was the first to notice Fido's suspicious behavior due to Fido having a secret relationship with a cat.

Officer BeauregardEdit

Kevin Beauregard is an officer in the K-9 Unit. He very muscular doberman who could break you in half with a slight squeeze, so it’s probably not an entirely good thing that ‘attack’ is his initial response to most everything. Loves to create ‘Tackle’ variations of some games. He's not known to be particularly intelligent, and he can be rather vain, but he's good at what he does best, tackling people onto the ground and working out his body. He is currently Sasha's boyfriend.

Officer ByronEdit

After graduating from the academy, Fido was placed in the K-9 unit with Kevin and Ralph. While he is good at his job, his secret relationship with Sabrina caused some suspicion on his part. He also brings Spo along during some of his shifts.


Terrance is an English Spaniel and is a liaison between the K-9 and the forensics team. His only major role was in The Case of the Aztec Gold.

Fox LindbergEdit

Fox was revealed to have joined the K-9 Unit in Wolf's Clothing. He was first shown in service in the arc All's Fair, where he was referred to as a rookie. He was given his first case in Real Stories of the K9PD, where he was partnered with Mungo.


Mungo was Fox's partner in Real Stories of the K9PD. He is a Great Dane who possesses incredible strength, but is also caring and passionate about his work.


Other members often appear as background characters in comics where the K-9 unit are heavily featured, such as A Sinister Shadow and Jungle Fever.

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