Itsuki Kitamura
You have yet to meet the raw determination of a starving university student!
Tag None (He does however wear a signature mawashi)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Japanese Raccoon Dog (Also known as a Tanuki)
Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Earl Sandwich (boss),
College Students,
Family (never seen)
Affiliation Sandwich Auto Repair Shop
Location Dimension Prime, River Ridge

Itsuki Kitamura is a minor character in Housepets!. He is a Japanese Tanuki Dog who came to America for college who works part-time at Earl Sandwich's Auto Mechanic Garage.

Official Site BiographyEdit


Itsuki in Housepets 2.0 style

General InformationEdit

Itsuki arrived at the Auto Mechanic Garage run by Earl Sandwich to apply for a part-time job. He got the job, and has made a couple appearances since then, and is a friend of the Sandwich family. In one, Earl instructs him on how to "give the customers what they want", even though their requests are impossible (ex. changing oil on an electric car). Itsuki's last appearance came at the town Fair in the 2015 arc, "All's Fair, Part 2". Here, he attempts to compete in the food eating contest with the racoons, Falstaff and Truck, but is so nauseated by his first encounter with hot dogs that he throws up and drops out.

Itsuki always wears a mawashi, a belt and loincloth usually worn by sumo wrestlers. He wears nothing else outside of work or school; he wears a buttoned-up white dress shirt and tie while attending college, and an unbuttoned blue work shirt when working at Earl's garage.

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