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The comic that started it all.
Comic: "When Boredom Strikes" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 6
Dates Published June 3rd - June 13th 2008
Featured Character(s)
Peanut, Grape
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Following Arc
The Game

Imaginate! is the 1st arc in Housepets!.



When the Wiimote's batteries die, Peanut wakes Grape up to play "Imaginate". Grape assumes the role as the Weather Wizard, king of a medieval land. However the peasants start revolting due to the plague. The Weather Wizard decides to cleanse the land of the plague by inducing rain(which is simulated by them throwing a bucket of water at the ceiling fan). The rain turns the fields into mud, so the peasants hire ninjas to assassinate the Weather Wizard; however, the Wizard also has hired ninjas, and the ninjas end up killing each other.

Grape realizes the Imaginate is getting to dull and full of stock tropes, so she assumes the role of a "Mashed Potato Man From Mars". In turn Cannibals, Ocean-people, a One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People-Eater, a Robot Reincarnation of Tokugawa Ieasu appear. Just then the Earth cracks open and multiple disasters start occurring.

After a tremendous explosion(as shown written on a piece of cardboard) Peanut and Grape are about to duel for the fate of the universe just as Mr. and Mrs. Sandwich get back. The Imaginate is cancelled since new batteries were brought back, but then Peanut and Grape get in trouble due to soaking the living room.


  • Peanut, Grape, Mr. and Mrs. Sandwich are introduced.
  • The first Imaginate! in the run of the comic is held.


  • Peanut mentions his Wii-mote and playing Mario Kart. These are the first of many recurring references to video-games and Nintendo throughout the comic.

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