Bino presides over a meeting

The Good Ol' Dogs Club is a group founded by Fido and Bino for the dogs of Babylon Gardens. It is headed by a council of six or more members and a chairdog who likely acts as their representative. While officially neutral toward cats, most of the council is staunchly opposed to their presence and will ostracize anyone they consider to be a "cat lover".

As of the Wolf's Clothing arc, the club remains in a state of upheaval from Fido being cast out for his relationship with Sabrina. A new chairdog has yet to be elected, despite Bino's obvious influence, although this has lessened in favor of Duchess.


Club HouseEdit

The club is currently run out of a large two-story building of unknown ownership. According to a map shown in Highly Detailed Battle Plans, it is situated very close to the Wolf House. The main level appears to consist of one large room and is sparsely furnished with beanbag chairs. There is at least one bedroom on the second floor.


  • In the early days depicted in Housepets Babies!, the club's staging area was just a patio in someone's yard.
  • The club publishes its own four-page newsletter, as seen in Tea Party Politics.

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