Fiddler & Keys
Fiddler (right) & Keys (left).
Tag Violin (Fiddler)
Keyboard (Keys)
Gender One is Male and the other is Female
Species/Breed Calico/Cat (Fiddler)
Black/Cat (Keys)
Owner(s) Unknown owners
Friends & Family N/a
Affiliation N/a
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Fiddler and Keys are minor characters in Housepets!. They first appeared in Night At The Ritz .

Official Site BiographyEdit

A cat duo who play the instruments they’re named after. This is likely due to an aggressive push by their owners to have musical cats. One is a guy and one is a girl and they’re in a rather strained relationship, the kind that musicians tend to have.

General InformationEdit

Fiddler and Keys are two musician cats, with Fiddler playing the violin and Keys playing piano. When they appear they are usually talking about music-related things or doing a musical number. They are a couple and also a resource for musical jokes in the story.

They are usually shown together, but each made a solo apperance once. Fiddler in Hey, It’s That Cat Again and Keys in First Things First. In a couple of one-shot strips, the duo has performed their own song compositions. They have not appeared in the comic for several years.


  • Fiddler's and Keys' genders are left unknown. Many believe Fiddler to be a girl and Keys a boy, but others believe otherwise. Anyway, both sides are arguably even, and decided to keep it non-exact until officially stated.
    • Although Rick did comment on Five Weeks Of Allowance Down The Drain that "Nobody claimed Fiddler looked female [...]" on Hey, It’s That Cat Again so is possible that Fiddler is the male.
    • Looking back at First Things First , Rick seemingly called Keys a male by saying "Keys is here to explain but we'll ignore his words coming from his word-hole because that's easier", though he may have been joking.
    • It's interesting to note that calico cats are mainly female, with males being a rare exception, further suggesting Fiddler's a female.

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