Mr. Sandwich
Occupation Auto Mechanic
Gender Male
Pets Peanut, Grape
Relations Jill Sandwich (wife),
Bill Lindberg (friend),
Reuben Sandwich (brother)
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Earl Sandwich is the husband of Jill and the owner of Peanut and Grape.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Earl moved into Babylon Gardens along with his wife, Jill Sandwich, because they heard that the place was pet-friendly, and they’re both fond of animals. Earl works as an auto mechanic.

General InformationEdit

Mr. Sandwich is the owner of Peanut and Grape. They call him "dad". His face is never shown (until the special "The Reason For The Season"), but he has brown facial hair. He lives with Mrs. Jill Sandwich, "Mom" to Peanut and Grape. Earl is an easy-going, hard-working sort, a patient, tolerant fellow who takes everything in stride. Whether he's having coffee with an alpha wolf, hosting a muscular time-traveling canine from ancient Egypt named Satau, or showing the ropes of car repair and cranky customer management to his eager assistant, a Japanese tanuki named Itzuki, well, that's life in Babylon Gardens, right? Earl does, however, have an off-beat sense of humor which his family and their guests tend to find more baffling or annoying than amusing. Nonetheless, he clearly relishes being "Dad" to Peanut and Grape, enjoys their antics, and cares very much for his family and his remarkable community.


  • As with the other members of the Sandwich family, Earl's name is a sandwich related pun. To be exact his name is a joke on "The Earl of Sandwich" who, according to lore, "invented" the sandwich as the original "fast-food" meal.

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