I don't ask for much, merely total domination over the hearts and minds of the dogs in this city.
Tag Pound symbol
Gender Female
Species/Breed Dog/Saluki
Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Bino (boyfriend), Boris, Sasha
Affiliation None
Colleen, Karo, King, Bailey
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Duchess is a supporting character in the Housepets!. She was introduced in The Artist Makes No Claims To The Accuracy Of The View.

General InformationEdit

Duchess is an overly vain saluki who has competed in Dog-Shows several times before. She is calculating and somewhat manipulative, and is often accompanied by Boris. She disregards many adopted human conventions which most dogs and cats have adopted, such as boyfriends and feminism. Her orbiting ambition is to dominate the pets of Babylon Gardens, and will pursue those ambitions by any means that advance them. These means include money; she has a lot of it, and apparently whoever her owner is does not care that she spends a lot of it. She is currently dating Bino, hoping his role as leader of the Good Ol' Dog's Club will give her a base of power. Otherwise, Duchess treats the hapless Bino contemptuously, more or less as a servant than a boyfriend.



Duchess hired and paid King to compete with her in a couple's competition that resembled much like a High School dance. Duchess was overly fixated on sabotaging the other competitor's that she overlooked actually convincing the judges that she and King were a couple, resulting in them taking third place. Afterwards, Duchess chased King in an attempt to have seduce him into making him fall in love with her, though King hit her with a shovel and knocked her out cold. She did not attend King's wedding.


A large, muscular dog that follows Duchess and does whatever she needs him to. These tasks apparently include threats of physical force. Boris also addresses Duchess as mistress, implying some closer relationship. Before Duchess came on the scene, he served Bino as a club bouncer. He has twice served as an antagonist; both in Not All Dogs and Real Stories of the K9PD.


Duchess' boyfriend. Bino first became attracted to her after noticing her mean streak in Show Business. Later the two started dating, after Sasha broke up with Bino, though it became clear it is a rather one-sided relationship, with Duchess treating Bino more like a lackey and cares very little for him (which he doesn't seem to mind.) Bino attempts to use the pet-name "Duchy-poo" on her which only irritates her.


  • Due to her collar's tag resembling that of a Pound sterling, it is possible that she is British.

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