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Tag Star Trek Insignia
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/Dalmatian
Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Joey, Lester
Affiliation N/a
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Dallas is a Dalmatian, and a friend of Joey's. He is commonly seen hanging out with Joey and Lester playing D&D or discussing Anime.

Official Site BiographyEdit



Dallas is a dalmatian with brown spots and fully brown ears. He has light blue eyes, and wears a light gray collar with a Star Fleet emblem from the Star Trek franchise.


Dallas is nerdy like his friends, but seems to be the most tame. He's way more level-headed than Lester, and doesn't seem to be as weird as Joey. As of Buy Me A Star War he has been shown to be very knowledgeable of the more complicated aspects of geek culture. He is a Star Trek hyper-fan, as indicated by his tag. As a member of the "Temple-Crashers 2" Team with Lester.Joey, and Squeak, Dallas chose to wear a Star-Trek uniform and play the Techno-Science member of "Team Nerd". Basically a gentle soul, he can get a little carried away with his enthusiasm. For example, when his team gets into the Temple ahead of the others, he couldn't resist spray-painting "FIRST" at the entrance (which later gets him kicked out.) At the core of the Temple just as the teams are about to collide, Karishad appears, accuses Dallas of various misdeeds, and sends him back up the elevator and out of action. However, he succeeded in redirecting the elevator and returning to Temple base just in time to use his Star Trek powers to beam most of his compatriots safely out of the crumbling structure. Although getting little recognition for this and even getting another put-down from Karishad, Dallas attains a kind of unexpected nerd-heroism for rescuing his chums.

General DescriptionEdit

Dallas was first seen when Peanut played a game of D&D with him, Lester, and Joey. He later appeared simply shown playing D&D with Joey other times, but his full character was shown in All Hallow's Ween: Resurrection, where he was shown to be the opposite of Lester, and perhaps the meekest of the bunch. Dallas is also regarded by many fans as one of the cuter canines in the Housepets! series.


Joey & Lester
Joey and Lester are Dallas' equally nerdy friends. They are often seen playing D&D, or something else nerdy, often involving anime. Dallas seems to get along the best with Joey, while his relationship with the somewhat abrasive Lester is rather rocky. Dallas does not seem to be very well known beyond this little circle (although Grape does call him by name at the end of Temple Crashers 2).

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