Hi I'm Daisy!
Tag Daisy(flower)
Gender Female
Species/Breed Dog/(possibly Labrador mix)
Owner(s) unknown if any
Friends & Family Sasha Hartford(presumably)
Affiliation unknown if any
unknown if any
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Daisy is a side character in Housepets!. She was introduced in Shut Up We’re Trying To Praise You. Her catch phrase (Hi I'm Daisy!) was the only thing she had ever uttered in the entire comic, although she has used the phrase "Happy New Year!" in a Valentine's Day special. She is typically seen with an expression of disturbingly gleeful exuberance. Daisy makes a return in Give me Your Answer Do when she is asked about the whereabouts of Sasha. Unexpectedly, her response is articulate, perceptive, and helpful. Her testimony also reveals that she and Sasha are close friends.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Amazingly enough, she’s even less intelligent than Sasha. However, just as Sasha has startled before by revealing capabilities and sophistications under her ditsy persona, Daisy reveals herself more articulate, insightful, and compassionate than expected when Fox and Mungo interrogate her about Sasha's disappearance. Her information proves critical in finding Sasha and cracking the case.

General InformationEdit

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Since Daisy rarely appears and then only to flash her broad grin and repeat her trademark line "Hi, I'm Daisy", her personal relations have been obscure. However, in the 2016 arc, Real Stories of the K9PD, she opens up more about herself in the process of a police investigation about the disappearance of Sasha Hartford. Behind her previous insipid behavior, Daisy's comments to Fox and Mungo reveal a very deep and caring relationship to Sasha, a relationship only hinted in one panel of a 2008 strip where we see the two waving at each other in passing. Second, she belongs to the Good Ol' Dog's Club where she gets to say her one-panel, walk-in line at Fido's welcome home party, when she wins the bag of money at the Milton Ferret's open house, gets hit on by an inebriated King (she says her line twice in this panel), and also attends the Wolf Pack Christmas party where King will propose to Bailey. Third, in the 2008 Christmas montage, Daisy hands a gift-wrapped garbage bag of trash to an enthralled raccoon - thus demonstrating the same tender-hearted nature she will display towards Sasha eight years later. So, she likes ferals, too. So, while she remains a mystery, Daisy is perhaps more introvert than air-head and there's more depth to her than just a grin and a greeting.


  • Her name and catch phrase are a reference to Princess Daisy from Mario Kart.

The dog tag hanging on her collar is a daisy flower.

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