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Tag B-insignia
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog (Mutt?)
Owner(s) Jeff
Friends & Family Rex, Fox (Former),
Sasha (Ex-Girlfriend), Duchess (Girlfriend)
Affiliation Good Ol' Dogs Club, Boris, Yeltsin
Peanut (Rival), Grape,
King, Maxwell (Pet-Brother),
Fido (Older Brother), Joey (Younger Brother)
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Bino (pronounced bī-nō) is a supporting character in Housepets!. He first appeared in the story arc The Game , and has appeared since as a cause of conflicts and turmoil among the dogs and other pets. His plots, schemes, and confrontations invariably end with Bino humiliated and, frequently in traction.

Official Site BiographyEdit

The ringleader of the neighborhood dogs and chairdog of the Good Ol’ Dogs Club. That is, to the extent that his older brother Fido isn’t around. Bino derives the respect he gets simply by blood relations. For most dogs, that’s good enough, nevermind the fact that Bino is almost nothing like Fido. He’s envious, greedy, stingy, obnoxious, petty, and downright mean, and if you know a little something about dogs, that can rub off rather easily.

His main posse consists of Fox and Rex. Joey sometimes tags along, but because Joey is exceedingly weird and isn’t part of the Good Ol’ Dogs Club proper, he’s often left out.


Bino is constantly scheming to gain something, to manipulate someone else into doing his dirty work, or just being nasty and insulting. He also has an inflated ego, boasting about skills he doesn't have or trying to make himself look better to the others. While he does come off as a massive jerk, he is just an immature dog with a superiority complex. Bino especially envies his older brother, Fido, a police dog who is strong, brave, selfless, kind, intelligent and everything else that the truculent Bino is not. As president of the Good Ol' Dog's Club, Bino constantly tries to control the canines of Babylon Gardens and browbeat them into treating him with awe and veneration. In reality, the members barely tolerate him, usually because he provides them lunch.

General InformationEdit

Bino is the arrogant and head-strong co-founder of the Good Ol' Dogs Club, along with his brother. Most of his arc appearances involve either his two brothers, King, or Sasha. However, as of Love And War Sasha broke up with Bino. He has since begun dating Duchess, though he seems to be little more than an irritating lackey to her.

Almost from the beginning, Bino appears as neurotic and narcissistic. He obsessed about covert "cat-lovers" in the Club and tries to get Peanut expelled over his drawings of Grape. To Bino's chagrin, Fido restores Peanut's membership and allows Grape to attend Club meetings (Grape likes dog biscuits). At the Club's party welcoming Fido back from the Academy, Bino goes on a deranged rant that gets him brained with a frying pan and hospitalized with a concussion. Later, upon meeting King at the Good Ol' Dog's Christmas party, he becomes paranoid that, because the new dog is named King, he obviously wants to depose Bino and become President. So, to show King who's boss, Bino plays a cruel trick, giving him a present that explodes catnip all over the poor corgi. Bino belittles King by calling him "Shorty", accusing him of a "Napoleon Complex", and the two become permanent enemies.

Despite his obnoxious personality, Bino has a genius for manipulating his Club buddies into carrying out his hare-brained strategies. When the Milton ferrets open their estate to the public, offering a prize to one of the guests, Bino tries to get his hands on it. His stunts fail and he winds up falling off a balcony and winning a week hospitalized. In another episode, "Love and War", Bino faces another break-up with his beautiful, ditzy girl, Sasha. Since Sasha wants freedom to date other dogs, Bino convinces Fox, Yeltsin, Rex, and others to take her our, treat her horribly, and through such cruelty persuade her to return to him by default. They are all aghast at the brutality of the scheme yet they all agree to play along even though it means each of them has to deeply hurt the gentle, vulnerable Sasha. Again, the tactic backfires, and Bino loses Sasha to another.



Fido is Bino's older brother, and Bino is insanely jealous of him. Fido is extremely popular among the pets, especially since graduating from the police K9 Academy and joining the force. Handsome, heroic and humble besides, he is the dog every male-dog wants to be and every female wants to date. Bino, who flunked out of the Academy as a misfit, envys and resents Fido intensely, sneering at him as a stuck-up "Lord Byron" and a "glorified glory-sponge". Eventually, Bino engineers the expulsion of Fido as the leader of the Good Ol' Dogs Club after Fido's secret love for Sabrina the cat is revealed and he is condemned as a "cat-lover."


Joey is Bino's younger brother. In contrast to Fido, Joey is the least popular of the brothers, and is considered weird by everyone including Bino. Not much interaction is shown between him and Fido, but according to Fido it seems Joey looks up to him. Bino, on the other hand, manipulates Joey into half-baked stunts that only further undermine his self-esteem and demonstrate Bino's selfish proclivity for using others.


Sasha was Bino's girlfriend. It was shown that Bino did seem to care for her more-or-less, though Sasha didn't seem to care about Bino at all, and preferred to flirt with his older brother, Fido. While he professed to care about Sasha, Bino's indifferent efforts at courtship display little romantic sensitivity. His regifting becomes so blatant that even Sasha catches on and is hurt by his inconsiderate responses to her affection. (King, by contrast, built her a furnished, heated doghouse in the forest.) Their last grown-up, chronicled in the arc, "Love and War", Bino concocts an elaborate charade to win Sasha back by having Fox, Rex, and the other dogs treat her harshly so she'll see him as the only alternative she has to complete loneliness. Typically, the plan fails, Sasha breaks up with him permanently, and later underscores her break from Bino by serving as bridesmaid at King and Bailey's marriage. For his part, Bino has seemingly left Sasha behind him and begun dating the more socially prominent Duchess.


Bino first met Duchess during Show Business, when he found her unconscious in his garden shed. He orders her out of the shed, she calls him "a stupid twit", and he is immediately love struck at her haughty defiance. At the end of Love And War they have started dating. Their relationship, however, is more-or-less one sided, as Bino appears to be infatuated with Duchess, while she seems to just use him as a minion, as she didn't even bail him out of jail when he used his one phone call on her.


Fox was one of Bino's posse members, and was a close friend. Fox followed Bino's schemes, even the insane ones, merely because he still considered Bino a friend due to his loyal nature. Despite this, he sided with King in all of their confrontations and, during the events of Love And War, he realized that Bino only treated him as an underling and subsequently ended the friendship.


Bino once had Peanut removed from the Good Ol' Dog's Club for being a "cat-lover" until Fido reinstated him. In Housepets Christmas, the two were chosen for Secret Santas. He planned to prank Peanut with a catnip bomb, but immediately changed his mind when Peanut gave him a mailman shaped piñata filled with tripe. Since then the two haven't interacted much, although Peanut constantly (and indirectly) one-ups Bino, much to his frustration.


King and Bino don't like each other at all. When King first arrived to Babylon Gardens, Bino played a prank on him, already disliking him for his "pretentious name" (and getting beaten up by Fox afterwards.) Since then the two have expressed a silent loathing for one another. Bino's most antagonistic role was in Not All Dogs, when he threatened to smash King's stopwatch, which was really his Fate, as he didn't want him to have it (although he didn't know what it was.) Interestingly enough in this arc, Sasha, Joey, Fido, and Fox all intervene against Bino and try to rescue King's watch for him. In his first encounter with Bailey,, Bino acts rude and the husky smashes him in the face. Not surprisingly, like Duchess, Bino does not attend King and Bailey's wedding.


Max and Bino are "pet-brothers" as they are both owned by Jeff. Being a cat, Max doesn't get along with Bino, and they tend to argue and even got into a slap fight on the couch. While Bino tries to press superiority over him, Max constantly teases him about his schemes and relationships, and even gave his Mega Ball away to Truck. Yet, Maxwell did invite Bino to his crawfish party, a kindness Bino rebuffed, not wanting to seem a "cat-lover".


  • Bino originally was the main character of a comic that Rick Griffin drew when he was a kid. The comic was essentially a Garfield rip-off, and Bino acted more like the titual character than how he does in Housepets!.
  • Bino was seemingly originally meant to be a main character, but has become a side character.
    • He has mostly become a side character due to the introduction of King, as he only made one appearance in 2014.
  • Bino's name is pronounced Bye-no, rather than Bea-no, which had been a subject of debate among fans.

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