All Hallow's Ween
All Hallow's Ween
The weirdness of it all.
Comic: "We'll Leave A Light On" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 5 (aborted)
Dates Published October 19th - October 29th 2012
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Temple Crashers

All Hallow's Ween is the 64th arc in Housepets!.

In the fourth strip of this arc, Rick Griffin instituted the "version 3.0" artistic style. "Version 3.0" was instituted to bring the style of Housepets! more in line with Rick's natural drawing style.

Characters Edit

Plot Edit

The arc begins with a Spot (Superdog) comic with Spot (Superdog) gloating how the superheroes don't have to worry about their secret identities on Halloween. Of course, they are quickly and non-chalantly spotted by various kids.

As Peanut puts up his notebook, Grape asks Peanut what he wants to be for Halloween. He responds he wants to be a vampire, but Grape thinks that's too generic, as kids have been getting more and more unique. Peanut notes half of boys dress as Spider-Man, and the other half dress as Batman. Grape scoffs that The Avengers are also popular.

Elsewhere, Karishad has ended up in Tarot and Sabrina's household, and is assisting with decorations. Tarot is using him as a self-propelled lift, controlling him with his ears. Sasha plays with a sheet, wanting to be a ghost. Bino tells her to "cut it out", as those are Jeff's sheets. She responds by cutting lots of eye holes into the sheet.

Maxwell pops out of a bush and scares Zach with a goblin mask. Asking the rabbit to rate how scary it was on a scale of ten, Zach replies that his heart exploded. Max interprets that as a 4.


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